3 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year!!!!

Its 2018, I am super glad we all made it to this year. Thank you my blog readers, critics for your love and support all through 2017. 2017 was very hectic for me, I rarely had time for myself not to talk of the blog. i always felt overwhelmed and utilized the smallest opportunity I had to blog.

Currently I am working on a new look with blog, a complete overhaul of this site. This site is currently ob blogger, I have been a faithful blogger fan since 2010, its time to try something else, I thinking of wordpress. 

I love blogger, but I feel its limitations are quite much and I what to explore other content management solutions out there. This blog is my baby, so I promise to treat it right this 2018.

I also have two other personal projects up my sleeves that should be out before the end of 2018 first quarter.

Till then, thanks for reading.

Au revoir