15 Dec 2017

Truecaller Year in Calling: 31 million Calls Were Made By A Nigerian Telco

Truecaller the Spam control app recently shared insights into how people use the application.

Their year in calling for 2017 showed that spam calls in different parts of the world was on the rise. Over 40 million unique spam numbers were identified by Truecaller users this year.


In the list, Somalia made the most calls per person in 2017, with the average user making roughly 19 calls and receiving 14 calls per day.

Also, Tanzania sent the most SMS in 2017, with the average user from Tanzania sending approximately 10 SMS messages and receives about 16 per day! (strange)

Naija no dey carry last. One number connected with a Telco in Nigeria made 38 million spam calls in a year and this is even higher than the 31 million calls reported in India.

I have a filling the Telco responsible is Airtel. Those guys can spam for Africa. 

What do you think about this figures, have you received spam calls and from what network.