14 Dec 2017

France Bans Kids From Using Mobile Phones Until They Are 15

In order news, the French government has issued a ban that children won't be allowed to bring their phones into classrooms starting in September 2018. The French government says the ban  is to minimize distractions and also a "public health message" so kids shouldn't spend much — or any — time in front of screen until they're seven years old.

Although kids can still bring their phones into their schools, the devices wil stay locked away until the end of the day. This will apply to kids starting at the age of six and will last until they're around 15, or starting high school (aka secondary school).

Do you think kids in france will be obey this new ban?, considering the fact that even in Nigerian Universities where phones are banned, students still sneak in mobile devices to school. Where you banned from using a mobile phone as a kid, and how did yo feel?

What do you think?