15 Sep 2017

Google Will Automatically Delete Your Android Backups if Your device is Inactive for Two Months

If you have an android device and you feel like porting to the iPhone crew with the launch of iPhone 8, 8plus and iPhone X. I will advise you shouldn't abandon the Android family for long because I have bad news for you. Google will automatically schedule to delete backups of your Android device if the device is inactive for more than two months.

Google allows for backups of your Android mobile device to Drive, but these backups will only be retained “as long as you use your device.” If the device is unused for two weeks, Google Drive will display an expiration date below the backup, and show you a countdown of how much longer you have until your backup gets automatically wiped. If your device still remains inactive for two months, your device backup will be deleted.

Sadly, If your backup gets deleted, it cannot be restored meaning all of your data and settings will vanish.

Google doesn't advertise this, so check in every once in a while to continue saving your backups. 

To find out which of your backups are set to expire:
1. Log in to your google drive folder
2. Navigate to the backups folder
3. And check which backups are set to expire.

To avoid this always have one android device access Google servers every month then your backups should be fine.