14 Sep 2017

Blueborne Can Hack Your Mobile Phones / Laptop Through Your Bluetooth. Here is how to stay safe

There is a new Bluetooth vulnerability in town that could expose your device to remote attack, and its called Blueborne. It allows a virus to leap from one device to  another if the bluetooth is on regardless of the operating system being used. Blueborne can affect up to 8 billion devices around the world, because it can infect Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices prior to iOS 10.

Here is How Blueborne Works:
1.  Blueborne masquerades as a Bluetooth device.

2.  It exploits the weaknesses in your device to deploy malicious code without any any input from the user. 

3.    Blueborne doesn’t require your device to be paired with the malicious device, or even be set in discoverable mode as long as your bluetooth is ON you are vulnerable.

It has a few limitations tho:
1. Blueborne attacks only devices with their Bluetooth turned ON

2. iPhones running iOS 10 are immune to the attack 

Here is How To Stay Protected:
1. Install the latest security updates. 
2. If you don’t have access to that, make sure that the Bluetooth on your device isn’t enabled when not needed.

3. The best and simplest way to be protected is to always leave your Bluetooth off or avoid using Bluetooth at all. 

4. A better alternative is to use Xender. I did a post on how to use Xender on PC here.

Android devices are the most vulnerable. Google released a patch fix to device manufacturers a month ago. Find out if your device manufacturer has this patch and ensure you install it.