13 Sep 2017

5 Ways to Save Stuff Online to View Later on Your Mobile Phone

Today I will be sharing  5 easy peasy tips on how to save stuff online to view later on your mobile phone for when you surf through Instagram, twitter, or a website and you stumble on something interesting you can't read immediately but would like to save for later viewing. 

1. Screenshot It
This is practically the easiest way to save a picture, quote, tweet or Instagram post. For Android phones - Hold your power button and your lower volume button at the same time for some seconds till you get the shot you want. On ios devices- Hold your sleep and home button at the same time till you get your shots. Your screenshots save to your gallery.

2. DM Yourself
I do this a lot on Instagram and twitter, whenever i see a post that i do not want to screenshot but I want to save for later viewing. You could forward the post on both social networks to yourself as a direct message. Head to your inbox at a later time to view it.

3. Collection, Favourite, Moments, Watch Later.
There are different ways to save content on social media apps without leaving the apps. 
With Twitter, you can LIKE the tweet, moments it(a safe place where you keep the appealing tweets). 
Instagram has the ‘collection’ option where you can save posts privately and view them later. 
YouTube has a 'Watch Later', 'Save to Playlist', 'Save Offline', and 'Share with friends..

4. Pocket it!
This is an app that can save your content from any social media app, website or page for your later viewing. It synchronizes with your mobile devices and keeps everything updated. It works similar to Google Keep (which works only on web browsers), and Evernote. Basic access is free, more features require an upgrade.

5. Share With:
 You can actually save posts by sharing them with friends via WhatsApp, upload on google drive or photos. This is not such a good idea as most people won't want to be bothered with random posts and might delete 

Watch out for a post comparing Pocket it, Google Keep and Evernote.