9 Aug 2017

You can now share videos and chat with your friends in the Youtube Mobile App

Yesterday, Youtube released a new feature in the Youtube mobile app which lets you share videos and also chat with your friends from within the app, turning it into a mobile messenger. 

The video sticks to the top of the chat and you can reply chats while watching a video. Sadly, there are no emojis for chats yet. 

The idea behind the sharing feature’s development is to transition some of the social activity that takes place around videos – including the sharing of links and chats about the video back into YouTube instead of other messaging apps. 

The feature itself is easy to use. All you need do is:

1. Login to your Youtube mobile app
2. Look at the bottom menu bottoms, you would see the new "Share" feature.
3. Click on share.
4. Invite your contacts on your phone, or adding "people you may know" (It pulls this info from your google contacts)

In addition to sharing videos and chatting, you can also reply to videos with other videos, or even a heart. You can also group sharing with up to 30 people in Youtube.

Have you tested this new feature?