25 Aug 2017

10 Easy Steps to Transfer Files From Your Smartphone to your PC using Xender App

Have you ever been trying to send a file from your mobile device to your pc, and you had to use Bluetooth, or a USB cable (which is unsafe) and pretty much fashied sending it because the two options available were slow?

I bet the first app that comes up in your mind when trying to share a file from your smartphone to another smartphone is Xender. Well here's what you never knew, Xender also lets you share files from your smartphone to your PC too, and it's fast and pretty simple. 

Follow the steps below:

Step 1:      Open the Xender app on your smartphone. If you don't have it, you could download and   install it from Playstore here

Step 2:      Swipe Left, and click on Connect to PC on the left menu.


Step 3 (If your PC and smartphone are both connected to the internet):
Go to web.xender.com on your PC web browser 
On the Xender app on your smartphone, click "Scan", to scan the barcode on your web browser.

Step 4 (If both devices are not connected to the internet):
       Click on the hotspot icon on your phone or connect to your PC's network (wifi or with Connectify)

Step 5:      Follow the instructions on your smartphone screen
         Connect Your PC to the hotspot network
     Open your web browser and enter the address:
                 Click Accept" on the popup on your smartphone

Step 6:    The xender page on your browser will display your phone storage

Your PC and smartphone are now connected, you can now share files across them.

To transfer from your Smartphone to your PC.


Step 1:    On the Xender Page on your browser, locate the files you want to transfer.

Step 2:    Click the download arrow that appears when you hover over the file. The file will be downloaded on your PC

To Transfer a file from your PC to your Smartphone:

Step 1: Locate the file you want to transfer to your PC storage.

Step 2: Drag the file and drop on the mobile phone image on the Xender page in your web browser. The file will be sent your smartphone.

Next time you want to transfer files from your smartphone, use this 10 easy steps. Xender is your best bet.