27 Jul 2017

Paystack Hits 1 billion Naira ($3 million) in Monthly Online Transactions

So last night, the Paystack online payment platform hit a major milestone. The platform has hit 1 billion naira monthly online payments from Nigerian customers to Nigerian merchants.

For a startup that is new, with a team of 18 people and over a year and a half old in the Nigerian Fintech space this is a huge feat.

The transaction that made the ₦1 billion/month milestone was a ₦6,000 payment made with a Mastercard Debit Card. Little drops of water can make an ocean.

Congratulations to the Paystack Team. 

Paystack is a Nigerian Fintech startup that helps Nigerian businesses accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. It is founded by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. In 2016 they secured $1.3M investment from international investors.

Have you used Paystack, what was your experience on the platform?