17 Jul 2017

My LinkedIn Experience and things to avoid doing on Linkedin

I am on Linkedin, and I feel almost any one who wants to connect with professionals and like minds are on the platform too because it's a business and employment oriented social networking site.These days you see people posting jobs, their CV and major milestones achieved which is great news and motivational.

My experience with Linkedin has been ok, with the current changes on the platform, until recently I made a very interesting observation on the platform, people have turned Linkedin into a dating site. I mean, how, why and when. It's different when you connect with someone and compliment the person on what he does and the milestone achieved, but these days it has gone to a different level. They connect with you, and they ask for your contact, you give it to them with nothing in mind, suddenly they chat you up and start asking for pictures. 

I had an experience when two different users started making funny requests, I just went cold turkey, biko, ike a dirom. It's like the social media toasters have left graduated from the days of facebook, twitter and Instagram and changed their radar to LinkedIn. I have gotten tired of politely reminding them that LinkedIn is not a dating site. 

I have decided to share a couple of things we should avoid doing to make being on LinkedIn bearable. In no particular order:

1. LinkedIn is not a DATING SITE:  People need to keep reminded time and again of this. You can add people, congratulate and commend them, but don't take it too far to the point of going emotional and saying how your heart skipped a beat when you saw their pictures. Be courteous and civil.

2. Stop Asking for Recommendations from people you don't know. I get this a lot from Indains. They ask you to accept their request, you do so, then next they ask you to recommend them. I am like, I don't know what you do, neither have I worked with you, so why should I?

3. Don't send Network Marketing Invitations: The network marketing companies and their faithful subscribers from Forever Living to Swiss Golden and the likes. I can't emphasise this enough. I just delete the messages as soon as I see them.

Over to you, have you had bad experiences on LinkedIn you will like to share, please the comment section below.

Till my next post,