14 Jul 2017

My Computer Village Shopping

Today I decided I would write a post on my visit to computer village Ikeja and share a couple of things I got for an affordable price and of good quality too. 

For a while, i needed to get a laptop bag and I haven't had time so i procrastinated till I found time during the week. Sometime, last month on my way to Unilag, I stopped  by at yaba to check out the types of laptop bag that were available at the market. I didn't like what I saw, this was due to my bad  experiences I have had with my laptop bag getting torn within a month or two. So I asked around and checked out the quality of the laptop bags of friends and colleagues and I was referred to get one at Computer Village at Ikeja. So I killed three birds with one stone and decided to get a wireless mouse and a 16gb memory card for my phone in addition.

Computer Village is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) accessories market located in the Otigba market at Ikeja. The market is the largest ICT accessory market in Africa

I checked online on jumia and konga to get an expected market price and budgeted between 8k-9k. I got to the market late and checked 2-3 shops before I could get the a good bargain on the bag. (Never buy the first item you check out, tell the shop owner that you are coming back, and check out what other shops are offering before buying, you would see something better for a better bargain ). 

I got this bag for #4000, initially i was told #6500, but I priced the bag and even had to start a conversation with the guy selling it to sell it for 4000. It was fair, because that was how much I had budgeted for the bag. I initially wanted to buy an all leather laptop bag, but it was more expensive.

It comes with 3 zips, one for the main bag, thats where the laptop would stay.
2 front zips, I used the middle zip to store my wallet and anyohter thing, the first zip bag is always empty.

It also comes with a pocket behind, and a lower zip that holds the raincoat for the bag. I was suprised when I heard it to. its the rainy season, so the raincoat has been useful to me, so my laptop doesnt get wet.

That was all I got during my trip, I will be sharing a few tips for newbies on how to shop at computer village, and get quality at affordable prices without getting scammed.