24 Jul 2017

Apple Has Been Declared Worlds Most Profitable Company for the Second Year Running

Fortune, has released its Fortune 500 list for the year 2017, and guess you got ranked in top 10 for the second time in two years, Apple Inc. Fortune annually ranks the 500 biggest and most profitable companies in the world called the popular Fortune 500 list. 

Apple Inc ranks No 9 on the Fortune 500 list and raked in a profit of over $45bn.

Walmart tops the Fortune 500 list, with Toyota at 5, Exxon Mobile at 10, Samsung at 15, Alphabet (Google) at 65, and Microsoft at 69.

See the of Companies who made the top 10 cut and their revenue:


1                  Walmart                                $485,873
2                  State Grid                             $315,199
3                  Sinopec Group                     $267,518
4                  China National Petroleum   $262,573
5                  Toyota Motor                       $254,694
6                  Volkswagen                          $240,264
7                  Royal Dutch Shell                $240,033
8                  Berkshire Hathaway             $223,604
9                  Apple                                    $215,639
10                Exxon Mobil                        $205,004

Sadly I didnt find any African or Nigerian Company listed. We will get their soon.

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