14 Jul 2017

5 TIPS every JJC has to know before visiting Computer Village Ikeja

In my previous post, I did a blog post on my computer village haul, where I got a laptop bag and other items for an affordable price. I have been using the bag and other items I got for close to a month and they are still in perfect shape. 

I got a couple of requests on how to get good quality stuff at computer village, and avoid being scammed or paying your dues as a JJC. The thing is I have never been scammed on my trips to computer village and several occasions I went on referral to computer village. Considering,  that I am a lady and most times I go alone, unassisted.  

Most times I just window shop and compare prices of devices in shops. If I wanted to get a new phone and laptop, I would regularly visit to check out the latest and the specs of the device, note it down, go online and compare reviews.

Here are few tips, for JJC's on their first visit to the popular computer village:

1. Leave Early: Most shops in computer village open by 9am and close by 6pm. It's best you get to the market early and look around to see what is in stock on time.

2. Go with Someone: It's important you go with someone who knows his way around the market as a guide, or get a the contact of the customer that you want to buy from to will direct you to his shop.

3. Don't Buy Immediately: I can't emphasise this. Don't buy the first item you want to buy that is offered to you. Check out what is available in 2 or 3 other shops before you make that purchase.

4. Check & Test: I can't emphasise this. Check to make sure what you are buying is complete. and test it to be sure it is working efficiently before you make your final purchase.

5. Don't follow those guys that wait outside the market calling out to buyers. I prefer going inside the market to explore. Most of them don't have stalls and would take you deep into the market. You might lose your way in the process.