27 Jun 2017

Would you use Google Wifi for just 300 Dollars?

Google just launched its gorgeous looking wifi "Google Wifi". Google WiFi is a cylindrical 802.11ac router that's available as a single unit or double pack it extends your wifi network without any wires by creating a mesh network. It comes as a single unit or several units if you wish to buy more than one for more connectivity.

If multiple units are installed, they can interact with one another to ensure maximum coverage at every point in the home, something that's very handy if you have thick walls or if your home spans multiple floors.

The network is controlled by an Android and iOS app which lets you suspend access to a particular device or prioritise other devices connected, For instance, disconnecting other users when you want to make that important video or Skype call, and you don't want someone slowing down your bandwidth. The app also saves and allows the sharing of Wi-Fi passwords.

Google Wifi rolled out in North America at the end of 2016, then in the UK in March. On Monday, the company announced its availability in Germany and France, at the price of €139 for a single unit and €249 for the two-pack.

If you would love to get your hands on these, you might have to wait for a little while, as it's not yet available for the African / Nigerian market yet. But, if you are in US, UK or Europe, you could get it from Google Store for $155 - $300 USD.

I would love to try these out, would you?