10 Jun 2017

6 Ways to Stay Safe on Free Public Wifi Networks

Who doesn't love the notification of "Free Wifi Networks Available" that pops up when you walk into a public space today? Thanks to the initiative of Flobyt and Lagos State Government, you’re bound to come across more free public wi-fi spots in Lagos than before. Free wifi can be a great way of checking out/updating your social status media when your data is down, great for getting work done or generally staying connected—but these public networks can also be highly unsafe. 

Here are 5 tips on how you can keep yourself safe with Free Wifi Networks.

1. Avoid  open networks with funny names:

Avoid connecting to open networks with names like ADXLywvshs. Hackers can set up free wi-fi networks to catch gullible citizens looking for free bandwidth.

2. Stick to advertised, official wi-fi networks:

Official free networks might that have been set up by the coffee shop, airport, bar or whatever venue you’re in. If you see those, stick to them. Even though most times, the free networks come with them bambozzing you with loads of adverts on your device. The safer the better.

3. Stick to secure websites (HTTPS) and apps:

That green padlock that appears in your browser’s address bar when you’re on a secure connection is very important when you’re connected to a public wi-fi. If you’re connected on your phone, it’s better to use a mobile browser than an app.If you are going to access an app, then stick to apps from big, well-known names while on public wi-fi to limit the risk.

4. Don’t download or install anything:

This tip is for all my movie/music/app downloaders. Make your security software is up to date. If you are on a laptop, disable the file sharing feature to avoid sharing folders or devices with others on the network. 

5. Think twice about typing in passwords, usernames, credit card details or anything else that could be of use to someone else who might be scanning the same network. If you’ve got banking or online purchasing to do, then you may well be better off using the mobile data on your smartphone.

6. If you can, stick to activities you don’t mind being snooped on, like flicking through my blog 😉😁, watching YouTube or going down another rabbit hole of knowledge on Wikipedia.

If you are in a public place always disable automatic connection to Wi-Fi networks, or bring your wifi and connect to yours if you can. Your online safety is important.

Don't leave without sharing 😊