14 Jun 2017

Taxify launches Taxify Cover" an insurance policy for driver and rider safety

Taxify has partnered with AIICO Insurance PLC and AutoGenius, one of Nigeria’s first digital insurance platforms, to unveil , "Taxify Cover" an insurance policy designed to increase driver and rider safety as well as improve the confidence of their user base.

Taxify Cover is a Comprehensive Motor Insurance which provides compensation for: Own accidental damage, third party bodily injury/ property damage, theft and fire damage to the vehicle, death/ disability/ assault to the driver and rider, passenger's liability and Loss of personal effects for both the driver and the rider.

Operations Manager of Taxify Lagos, Uche Okafor, commented, “This is the first time insurance is playing an active role in the daily commute of riders and drivers using any rider hailing app, and we are happy to be at the helm of it. This is line with our commitment to improving the quality of transportation in Lagos”

Taxify Cover is a first in the ride hailing industry.  It will be available for purchase on AutoGenius’ platform.

You could recall Taxify reduced it ride fares last month, which led to Uber doing something similar and increasing the competition between the two companies. Let's wait to see what Uber comes up with.