9 Jun 2017

Quality Time: An app that let's you track how much time you spend on your smartphone

I stumbled on this app when I realized I needed to discipline and control myself on how much time I spent online. It has been an amazing experience with it so far that I had to share. 

Quality time is a mobile app that helps you track how much time you spend on your smartphone, apps you visited and how long you spent on them. You could see daily or weekly usage of apps, you could also schedule the app to log you off a social media app after a certain period of time, and when it gets to that time, it logs you off that social media app for the time duration you set. 


Some of the cool features are:

- You could create device and app usage alerts that notify once you overuse your set specified time.

-  You can tap on any app to see app usage statistics weekly or daily.

- You can digitally unplug yourself from your phone using the profile "Taking a Break", and your phone will be unaccessible for the period you set that profile.


I was able to track how much time I spent on Whatsapp, and also set a profile alert called "Family Time", During that period I would only to access specific apps I chose and receiving calls from specific numbers I allowed. Every other person gets a call back text, while I see the missed calls I have and text I have if I have any.


Let me know if you would use this app to track how much time you spend on time-wasting apps like Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter? Use the comment box below