26 Jun 2017

Nigerian Developers Build New Slack Integration for Tracking Remote Employees on Slack

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I am a huge fan of slack. Sadly, most people have reservations in using the platform for remote working because it's difficult to track employee activities and work hours. Many employers also don’t trust their employees enough to let them work remotely, so being unable to keep an eye on them and being aware of where they are during work hours make them uncomfortable with working remotely. The reason why most employers prefer open offices and fixed 8-5 working hours.

Nigerian software developers Yomi Eluwande and Olayinka Omole’s new Slack integration, Worklogs (because Slack is the most common remote working app used in Nigeria) makes it possible for employers to hire across time zones, and easily track activities of their remote employees using Slack.

According to a medium blog post from Yomi "Sometime last year, a couple of friends and I had this idea of building a product that solved a problem, which is, helping creatives and sellers get paid easily. We got to work and started building and we promptly faced some hitches. One of them was that we were all not at the same place so that meant we were more or less a distributed team working remotely.This made things difficult, as we had so much work to do and features to build, but didn’t know when the work was being done and when anyone was available to work. We all had day jobs after all. So we came up with a hack/solution which was inspired by Hotels.ng."

Olayinka Omole says they will be making changes to the app in the coming weeks. One of such is the addition of “slash commands and a bot so users can clock in without leaving Slack.” They will also be adding filters for reports so the admin and other users can “ have more insight into their work habits.”

Would you like your boss tracking you through this feature?