12 Jun 2017

Ire Aderinokun will be sponsoring 5 dedicated Nigerian Women to complete a Udacity NanoDegree of their Choice


Are you a Nigerian woman?

Would you be dedicated for 6 months to learn digital marketing, business analysis or how to code?

Do you have access to the internet and a working computer?

If you answered all the questions with a yes, then this opportunity is for you.

Ire Aderinokun a software developer and a Google Expert in Web Technology will be sponsoring on a scholarship 5 dedicated Nigerian women to complete a Udacity Nanodegree of their choice.

A nanodegree is a course offered for a short period of time by Udacity, a platform for online learning. It is a compressed intensive version of a regular degree.

This is a scholarship program to help build the skills of Nigerian women in the Technology industry.

To apply for the IA Udacity Nanodegree Scholarship Click Here