20 Jun 2017

Alertz: New Smartphone App That Can Wake Drowsy Drivers on the Steering


Scientists  at the Hong Kong Baptist University(HKBU) in China have  developed a new smartphone app that can alert a car driver if they are feeling sleepy.

With the app installed on a smartphone, the driver just has to put it near the steering wheel with the front camera facing him in his normal driving position.

The app also uses the real time video of the  smartphone it is installed on to track and analyse the facial features of the driver, in particular the changes in his eyelids and head position. When the camera captures features like drooping eyelids,drowsiness or even nodding off, an alarm is automatically setoff. 

To ensure that the driver is awakened, the driver has to turn off the alarm either by voice or by hand. 

It requires only a smartphone to function.

This app can help reduce the amount of fatal road accidents if used. Would you use such app while driving?