4 May 2017

Splendid!!! Taxify has lowered its ride rates in Lagos

If you live in Lagos and you love the ease of getting from one location to another with the likes of Uber or those yellow cabs but you get scared of a mini heart attack when you see your bill, this is good news for you.

Taxify, a highly affordable ridesharing app (similar to Uber), recently announced that it had updated its rides fares to be more affordable for Lagos rides on twitter.  This will give its competitors a run for their money. Who doesn't like cheap rides, in this economy?

Before this, fares were around ₦350, ₦81 per KM and ₦8 per minute. With this reduction, the lowest fare is now  ₦200, ₦55 per KM and ₦5.5 per minute.

This new pricing sums Taxify’s average trip fare to ₦950, a little lower than that of its competitor which stands at ₦1,568.

See what some users on twitter had to say about this new development.

Have you used Taxify before, please share your experiences, and what you think of their new fares in the comment box.

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