23 Feb 2017

MTN NIGERIA and Lumos Providing 24-Hour Affordable Mobile Electricity Power Supply For All

Guess what, you will soon be able to light up bulbs and power appliances such as fans, televisions, cellphones and computers with mobile electricity on the go . These service would be affordable and can be paid from your mobile phone. Thanks to MTN.

When I heard this the first song played in my mind was Tekno's "Rara"

MTN Nigeria held the national roll-out on the 20th of February, in Abuja, officialy introducing Lumos Mobile electricity to the Nigerian Market in collaboration with world renowned solar architect, Lumos, launching mobile solar electricity systems for the benefit of families and businesses around the country.

The first of its kind Mobile Electricity kit comprises of a solar panel, an indoor power unit, phone charging accessories and 2 LED light bulbs. The kit can be purchased at MTN stores nationwide.

Finally, we are taking initiatives to solve our power problems rather than wait for the Government. 

For more information on how you could get this service which is available at MTN stores nationwide Click Here

For more information on Lumos Global Click Here 

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