6 Oct 2016

Get in Here Students!!! Andela Just Launched A Student Ambassador Program

If you haven't heard of Andela and you are tech savvy then you must be on planet Mars!!! The coolest campus job has begun.  Andela is looking for Student Ambassadors to lead Andela campaigns and events in their universities and communities. Yup you heard right!!!

The Andela Student Ambassador Program (ASAP) is a one year program that aims at creating awareness about Andela and contributing to the development of technology leaders in Africa.

Are you enrolled in full-time undergraduate study? Do you have a strong network with student organisations? At least a 300 level student? With interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills on fleek? Then you are perfect for this gig. This is a chance to get your work experience off to an incredible start by helping Andela identify, develop and foster talent in your community.

As an Andela Student Ambassador, you are expected (of course) to understand what the Andela Fellowship is all about. You will work with the Andela team to tailor program initiatives to campus-specific opportunities.

Some of your responsibilities as Student Ambassador would be to:

Invest 10 hours monthly in Andela-related initiatives and activities
Plan four (4) Andela events over a period of 12 months (1 per quarter)
Create an Andela ListServ for your university
Attain deep understanding of Andela and our program
Act as liaison between Andela and other communities on and off campus
And if you’re wondering what’s in it for you, this is what you get:

Preparation for leadership roles
Potential for an internship with Andela, based on performance
Observe Andela Bootcamp sessions
Participate in Andela events
Access to branded Andela merchandise
Significant marketing experience
Jump start your professional career

If this sounds like you, then Click here to apply. Hurry up though, application closes October 26th, 2016.

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