28 Sep 2016

Weekend Bants!!! Smart Money Woman with Arese Ugwu, Indoor Fiesta Souk & Uber

Its a new week!!! Countdown to the end of the month and the last quarter of the year. The ember months are here. I smell christmas.I know we are in the recession economy, but lets be positive and look for ways to up our financial goals before the year runs out. Yep thats right, if you intend on having a wonderful christmas its time to get smart with our money and get helpful tips from Smart Woman Money by Arese Ugwu.

How was your weekend luvs, mine was fun filled!!! I got to know of Arese's Smart Money Woman book tour on saturday, and immediately made up my mind to attend. I have been an addict follower of her show on NdaniTV, her column on Guardian Newspaper and her blog. When she launched the book I just knew I had to get it. Unfortunately, I didn't have time and completely forgot till saturday. The book tour was on Sunday in VI in Terrakulture. It was hosted by Kemi Adetiba. Kemi Looks amazing in real life, Arese looked gorgeous. I went with my sister and her male friend. They were a couple of men there so he didn't feel out of place.

They event was fun filled and enlightening. From the book I got to realize that young women do not prioritize saving, investing or basic financial intelligence because we have been taught that those are for the men to bother with while we bother about our looks, clothes, shoes and hair. Don't get me wrong, we have got to slay those looks, (instagram has nothing on us), but also we shouldn't forget to save and invest that money, and not save to spend.There are different characters depicting different women from different backgrounds, Zuri, Adesua and Lara. Its a must have for every young woman and man. I got a copy and got mine signed by Arese.

Our next stop was Indoor Fiesta Souk at Harbour Point VI. I love food, if there is an outing and no food involved, consider it a bad outing. We had chef Fregz, Chef Tiyan, chef Benedict, Chef Alex, Chef Emeka and Imoteda displaying their different skills. Fun games, food.. and lots more. By the end of it, we literally forgot we had a movie screening in lekki to attend.

We got a free ride home from Uber using the Uber free code. I still have a couple of that code left to exhaust. It was worth it. How was you weekend!!!

PS: Please get the book, I have got mine, its a worthy investment.