1 Jun 2016

Weekend Bants!!! Fun Places in Lagos, Atican Beach Review

Happy new month!!! Welcome to the month of June, I am going to be your coach for today. The year has gone pretty much faster than I thought, and now we are in the second half of 2016. I took a look at my journal and my achievements for the last half.  I still have a long way to go how about you.

I had so much fun during the weekend. Last month was my birth month(Yea, I am a Gemini and we rock!!!), May 27 to be precise. I hadn't even planned on celebrating. I told everyone I wasn't celebrating as I would be at work training on that day. Come Friday, May 27, I got a a surprise cake from a friend and a dress. The following day a couple of friends took me out for Lunch and Dinner. The biggest surprise I had was from work. They organized a birthday  party for May Celebrants and we were just two. Myself and another Lady. I had no idea about the party, I just went cos I heard about it on Saturday May 28. It was fun, I ate drank, played games. It was a beach party and it held at Atican Beach Lekki. I had never been there before. We didn't need to come with a DJ as they had their in-house DJ playing Naija Hits back to back.  I wasn't able to take pictures but I would share a few things about Atican Beach.

Atican Beach

Among the numerous beaches I have had the chance to visit in Lagos (Bar beach, Elegushi, Eleko...) the Atican Private Beach Lekki stands out. Welcoming you is a colourful signpost. It can be easily accessed through Abraham Adesanya Estate Road in Ajah area of Lekki. The road leading to the beach is well tarred and takes one through about 15minutes drive from Abraham-Adesanya Estate, off the Lekki-Epe Expressway. It is easily accessible and in a serene and secure environment.

PRICING: It cost 1,000NGN to get in for adults, I dont know about the fee for children but it’s free for children. I and my colleagues had to negotiate a discount because we were a large group of 10 persons. (We ended up paying 6000 Naira). The attendant who was collecting money at the gate was quite rude!

Atican beach is relatively small compared to other beaches in Lagos, but it is pretty neat and really calm. The waves here are not as strong as the waves at Elegushi and the likes and apparently, there has been no history of drowning at Atican.

There are no vendors on the beach,and since we came  for a birthday party we brought our food and drinks. so you can’t buy finger foods or drinks.

Side Attraction: 

The beach has a volleyball court for games and fun. There were horse rides, which cost 1000 Naira for adults.

Although I am scared of water, I had so much fun, by the waterside, with the waves washing to the shore of the Beach.

I will recommend this beach for anyone who would like a small private birthday party, a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos or a beach wedding.