19 Jun 2016

Weekend Bants!!! Fashion for Church

Hi Beautiful, Its Sunday !!! Its time to go worship with God and thank him for seeing you through the week.  Apart from church being a place of worship, its a place to slay 100 percent in the spiritual and 100 percent in the physical. So my darlings its not wrong to wear the latest fashion trends or be a trend setter while you worship God. Its a good thing, with these economic recession, people now come to church for different things *winks* (especially the single ladies looking for that Mr Right from church lol). Though it’s not a bad thing coz literally we’ve all been in that shoes however, we believe God is the best matchmaker whether you wear Rag or Gucci that special man/woman will come your way. But we’re not here to preach are we ? Nahhh,

See more pictures to inspire your look.