13 Jun 2016

Monday Motivation!!!

Hi Lovers!!! Its Monday!!

Its that part of the week we all mourn and groan about how the weekend ended fast. Not to worry, its another opportunity to get things right this month, Its the first day of the third week of June. The year is pretty much running fast, dust up your resolution diaries, and start gearing towards a mid year self achievement review. Tick!! Tock!!! says the clock, what you have to do, do quick.

Here is a little bit of motivation and laughter to help you fully kick start your day. its a fresh start to put your dreams in motion. It is now left to you to make it a point of duty to have a fabulous and productive week, regardless of the economy or recession. What are the things you set out to achieve this year, that you are yet to achieve? Remember, time waits for no man.

Have you written that business plan, built that website, done your market research analysis? Have you started that weight loss regime, skin care recipe? Have you started setting asides money for that savings you have always wanted to do? Or that catering or tailoring class you wanted to start, you know you could start on a part time basis. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 in a week, you work 9-5 and you are complaining, lest you forget CEO's worked for 24 hrs before they got to where they are. So darlings start by doing what is necessary,then do whats possible and suddenly watch the impossible become possible... You never know till you try!!!

If someone offended you over the weekend forgive them, don't give them a chance to control your emotions or your week. Life is to short to hold a grudge. Lemme give you a tip I learnt over the weekend... How to make a new friend: "Smile, and keep your negative thoughts to your self"... Try out new things this week like a new lipstick color, a new food, a new hangout spots,most of all Be Happy!!! Buhari has nothing on you. Before I take my leave.. let me drop a funny meme I saw online over the weekend...

Aurevoir Darlings
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