10 Nov 2015

One Chance or Can I Drop You Off

My lovers its another beautiful sunny day in Lagos, yeah!!!

Very Sunny day. The sun was so hot that it felt like I was literally in an oven in addition to the fact that I was boarding a public transport to get to my destination. Jumping buses in Lagos is hell, taking a cab is more hell as its more expensive despite its comfort. Everyday I leave home to get to my destination and remember I have to board a public transport, it just dampens my spirit. I need a car in my Life. My prayer for my next birthday is a car, I believe in Miracles. I strongly do.  I just have to work harder to meet my deadline.

Which brings me to the title of my post.

On my way back from the Victoria Island the other day, I waiting to board a bus, after a crazy interview under the hot scorching sun, thinking of how to get home. Next thing I see,  this crazy ass Acura ride (The Acura that looks like a Honda Crosstour) stops by. My inner mind said, "Babe keep walking", my other mind was curious to know who the driver was, silently praying that he would be going my way and drop me off. I know, its the ember months, and the rate of kidnappings and disappearing people are on the rise and we shouldn't be entering cars with tinted glasses abi, My prayers got answered and yup luckily the guy was going my way. I was saved the stress of boarding a bus.

We got talking, and talked about a lot of things and exchanged contacts. The younger me would have frowned and ignored the offer and kept going, but you see the older me, with so much experience of taking public transport rejoiced at the offer. You see, you never can tell when you would need the need the strangers help. And it didn't feel weird exchanging contacts, its 2015,

In other news I have found someone to make my shoes. I also help in the marketing of my younger brothers tshirt line. First batch is in production, I will give you an update soon on how it goes.

Au Revior,
Till my next post,

Stay Positve.