16 Nov 2015


So it just dawned on you that you are a graduate and you are unemployed. Nysc has ended and no more allawee coming into your account at the end of the month. Initially in your first month you were not bothered as you needed the 1 month break from all the stress NYSC put you through.  2 months, 3 months has passed and you are tired of resting, you apply to several job postings online, and no feedback. 4 months gone and you are feeling frustrated, your mates have gotten good jobs but you are at home idle. Frustration begins to tell on you, you can’t afford some basic things you need because you are broke. You can’t ask your parents for money or loans, as according to them they have trained you to the graduate level, so as an adult you should be able to fend for yourself.

You begin to ask yourself “How do I survive”?


There is the art and science of surviving as a jobless graduate. The Science are the “How tos”, and the Art is the mind-set you train yourself to become, while you are at it. As Matt Morris (If you don’t know him, you should google him ASAP) said “If how to’s were enough, we would all be rich skinny and happy.” 

I will give you a few tips here:

Learn a Skill:

It doesn’t pay to be idle. As the popular saying goes. “An idle mind is the devils workshop”, don’t let the devil start to use you brethren, pick up yourself and learn a skill. If you don’t want a skill, you could go get a professional certification either ways you are upgrading yourself.

Brainstorm a solution to a problem and offer it as a service:

Yes you heard right. You see all these working class people who go to work every day have problems they don’t know exist till you point it out to them as a solution that they need. Examples of such services include:
Homecleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Errands, Food delivering, Market Shopping, Topnotch affordable tailoring services, as the world is going beserk with health consciousness you could key into it.   
Or if you are scared of going into one of the above, you could open up a CBT centre and partner with Jamb to hold Jamb exams coming up next year.

Make money Online:

There are thousands of blogs in the Nigerian Blogging Hemisphere, to stand out you have to be unique with your posts to keep your unique visits constant if not increase them thereby garnering more traffic to your site. You don’t need much to start this, all you need is a laptop, internet connection, the hunger for knowledge and the mind-set to succeed even if you don’t see the fruits of your labour in your first months. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Be a Digital Marketer:

Yes dear, you heard me well. You don’t need much to start up in this, all the requirements you need is same as the previous option.

Start a part time Business:

You have all the time in the world, you are not working 9-5, you are not being stuck in the 3hrs Lagos traffic. This is one of the best options I will recommend to anyone I care for. And of course I care for you my lovely readers, I know of an awesome opportunity, if you will like to know more details about it, send me a mail on pweetyvee@gmail.com or you could use the comment section to indicate interest in it.

Till my next post Au revoir.