23 Oct 2015

There's Enough Sun For Everyone

Hi Lovers,

How have you been. Its October, yeah!!!!. I should be excited like everyone else because Christmas is round the corner. But I am not. I haven't become the millionaire I set out to become before the year runs out.

If you live in Nigeria, and you haven’t heard of the latest acquisition by Nigerians most popular blogger than you must be living under a rock. Linda Ikeji bought a house worth over 800million naira and Nigeria’s internet space went haywire. From how she was an inspiration to the young women and the youth alike, to haters and bad belle people criticizing her decision to buy that house. The question I keep asking people with negative remarks is “is it your money? is it your house? How does her decision to buy a house she worked hard for affect the fact that that as you are arguing and hating you don’t have up to a million naira in your account”. Nigerians should let her be.

Then came the people with tax, saying of how EFCC, LIRS and FIRS are going to come after her. I can agree that. Declaring her house and how much it cost will make the law come after her, but as she isn’t a politician, there will be serious issues and bad belle people will do everything possible in their means to bring her down.

I had a discussion with a colleague, and he insisted it was impossible for Linda Ikeji to afford the house from blogging alone. I beg to differ. It is extremely possible. Don’t forget she has been blogging for 9 years, she is a sole blogger so she doesn’t have staffs employed unlike other media outlets or blogs, her blog is also monetized. I asked around and found out it was very possible. As at 2 years ago I knew bloggers making 500,000 to 1 million naira monthly from their blogs ooo, you can compare that to how much they will be making today with the rise in dollar.

In the famous words of a fellow blogger, “Don’t blog for the money, blog for the passion, find your niche, the audience, traffic and the money will come”. For the people who suddenly jumped into blogging, its going to be a bit difficult, its crowded at the bottom, but if your blog is unique, you will make it to the top. Cheer the ones at the top succeeding, cos there is enough sun for everyone. There are enough resources available online for you to succeed online.

In other news anyone who wants to keep their career options open, and have thought of diversifying their streams of income, should send me a mail, I have an opportunity that I will like them to check out.