3 Sep 2015

Hello September - Back to Blogging, Life after Service and Sourcing for another source of income

Hello September,

Vee is back!!!! Sounds like good news yeah!! Thanks for those who checked up on me, I am grateful.

My apologies that I went AWOL, I should be flogged abi. I am looking for a perfect excuse asides work and laziness/ procrastination. Let me fill you guys in on what has been happening for to me all this while.

I got the spectranet mifi i talked about in my post here First random post of 2015, and its being a faithful servant, serving its purpose everywhere I go. I finished NYSC. Done and dusted and  I continued with work.

Which brings me to the topic of my post. For those of us who got a job before, during service or immediately after service life is a little bit comfortable.We got our opportunities before hand and didn't have to while away our days complaining to anyone who cared to listen to how we are tired of staying home jobless, applying to several job postings on the internet or papers and hoping one drops from the sky. I remember the 6 months strike period where I stayed home for 6 months, with nothing to do, I got tired of being idle, and got tired of being tired.

Life after service isn't as scary as it seemed  a while back. Neither is it as comfortable as it should be. Having being employed for 1+, I have come to realize that every working individual, no matter how comfortable your pay check is, should invest in another source of income which they should be able to fall back on. Something that will grow no matter the little effort they put in.

I have seen young people so scared of taking the risk of starting something get stuck in a job that doesn't pay well, and complain alot of how they are not living the life they want to leave. I have been in those shoes too. I have a friend who has worked for 5 years, for a company that owe its staffs salaries consecutively spanning three months or more, he has been kicked out of his apartment, and still he is scared to taking the leap of faith and try out something new, and have very little reliance on his job. I could go on and on and on, but I rest my case.

I am going into footwear design and making, I checked the Nigerian market for female footwear industry, and am encouraged and inspired by Gbemisoke shoes. So darlings if you know anyone who can make good female shoes holla at me by sending me a mail - pweetyvee@gmail.com

Till my next post,

Take a leap of faith.