25 Feb 2015


Hi people,

How have you been? Been long you saw me. I would have said happy new year or happy vals, but as we are way into 2015, and way past vals, no need.

So I got a vals gift (a lovely book) from Le sister, which I was excited about (see me bragging about it), only for her to burst my happiness by telling me she had so many people waiting to read the book, that I should hurry up with it (see how she is sharing the vals love).   Normally, I am a very fast reader, but I intend to read that book as slowly as I can, and write my name boldly on every page on the book *Tehehehe*.

So I promised to do a Camp diaries series while in camp, I started writing the diaries, but stopped halfway. I valued my sleep more *covers eyes*Camp was fun. So I am stuck here, patiently waiting for cds to finish, no point spending most of my cd day listening to people arguing and planning things that do not interest me. I feel its a complete waste of my time. I sometimes wish I did SAED, but knowing my CD days are not entirely free (I have to go back to work) *sad face*, I just have to stick with it, and the fact that my Mom nags me every Thursday morning that she is dissappointed I have learnt a thing or gotten a certification to add to my CV and I have 5 months left to end NYSC.

I want to, so if you know any where I can get Business Analysis/ Project Management Certified, holla at your babe. I am confused on which certifications to take, I might stick with the ones I mentioned for now. Most times I wonder, if I get these, will I get a good paying job with these or will it be a waste of my time and resources.

In order news, I need to get a mifi. Life without internet connection is torture. Spectranet plans are afforable, but those fellas don't have mifi's in stock till God knows when (They don't expect people to be carrying the wifi modem about in their bags do they?) , Swift and Smile plans don't look pocket friendly to a corper like me *sniffs*.

This is just  a random first post for 2015. Am back for good, pending I get a mifi. Thanks for people that kept checking up on me, and kept bugging about when I do a blogpost, I love you guys. For blogs that kept me tuned while I was AWOL, it was fun reading your blogpost. Feel free to check them up:

Got to go,

Till my next post.
Yours Sincerely