3 Aug 2014


My people, how have you been. I have been good. Good News, I was posted to Lagos. I am a Lagos corper. Camp is on Tuesday,and I am running about buying things I need for camp.My pocket has dried and I haven't bought half of what I need. I went shopping today, and ended up buying things that were not relevant and not on my list. The thing drained my budget eh. They would decorate my wardrobe for the time being till  I find them useful. I intend to join OBS in camp, I have always loved to talk, I heard its fun. 

I promised you guys a writeup today. Here it is.

My name is Kainene, meaning let us look to God. I am tall and pretty with caramel colored skin, smooth and soft like that of a newly born, with beauty surpassing Venus the roman god of beauty. Eyes as dark a  starless moonless night that speaks volumes without a word from my lips. A sing song voice like that of a nightingale to soothe and calm your nerves,on rainy days. They say a great man died on the night of my birth, they say rain fell like never before after a drought of forty years. They say I am a Goddess. They say so much, yet mean little.

Her name is Ann. She sits in front of the wall lenght mirror applying her makeup. She is more beautiful than I am. She is carefree, and never worries. The "Miss popular" in school. Every guys dream date. I envy my best friend as she adjusts her fitted short black dress for the tenth time.  You see, Ann used to be smart, but she threw the books away, and said "Nene, A girl who is smart chase men away. They feel intimidated". Then she changed. She now paints herself as a rich kid. Changes her hair every two weeks, uses the latest mobile phones in trend, even though her parents use a Nokia 3310. She travels to dubai every week and never repeats an outfit.

Ann is my best friend. she takes care of my needs, clothes me, feeds me and house me. I owe her a debt she always me reminds me of each morning as she applies her makeup. "Nene, I don't want you to live this lifestyle . Its not a good one. You know you are more than a sister to me. All I want from you is to keep the secret of who I am from people. Don't tell anyone about my background, they mustn't know. ".

I listen to all of Anns escapades and frustrations. How do I tell her to stop leaving the fast life. I beg her to leave Chief, he would end up using her youth and beauty. She flips her weave and tilts her head to the right. "No love, I cant. He takes care of me pretty well, and I as well take care of you. Do you want us to go back to our suffering eh. I hukwa. "

She combs her long weave, and hums a tuneless song, Chief had promised her a surprise birthday gift, a gift which would end with her coming home battered. Beauty doesn't last forever so they say, and hers was slowly fading away.  I wipe a tear from her face, "I have to survive Nene", she says, 'You know me better than they do, don't judge me like they do, sometime when the time is right, we would tell them my story".  I watch as she picks her bag to leave. She pats my hair and say "Smile, you are beautiful." I would wait for her story, till then, I would be her shoulder to lean on.

Ann is the new girl I have become. Nene is the girl I was, the girl I leave behind everyday. The only one to ever see me weak, my bestfriend and ally. My Alter ego. Ann and Nene, are the two lives I live.

PS: I need tips for corpers in camp, you could share by using the comment box.

I would be going for camp so I might not post for a while. Stay tuned for camp diaries.

Yours Sincerely