30 Jul 2014


*Clears cobwebs, strolls in with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of smothie*

My people, how have you been. Its has been long. E don tey. I am sure some of you by now would have said ,"This girl has disappeared as usual". I didn't disappear, I just went on leave, vacay. lowkey for sometime.

In the mean time, life went on. I grew older. I graduated, *rings the bell*, from the prestigious University of Ibadan, *singing* "To be a graduate is not a days job". Le struggle was real, we read like mad, lived on coffee junks, went for *clears throat* parties mogbo moyas, became spiritual (You can never tell what God can do in your final year). And finally we became broke. No more pocket money to spend anyhow. In all I cant stop thanking God for his grace, blessings and protection. I have learnt to trust God these past few weeks, and be thankful.

NYSC camp is on Tuesday. I am not excited, I just have that *why the hell do we have to go through this*feeling. I don't know where I would be posted to, I am praying Lagos Stream 2 works out for me, and that this one year of service would be a blessing, favorable and a testimony to me.

In other news, I bought half of a yellow sun, that book was emotional. my favourite character was Kainene. I am in love with the names Chimamanda gives her characters. To say, Kainene never came back broke my heart. I loved her character in the book. I am waiting patiently for the movie to be out in the cinemas,  I won't be the last to see it. I just hope they don't cut out some important parts.

PS: Reading a book before seeing the movie cannot be over emphasized.

I have this beautiful writeup I wrote since January in my scrapbook  scheduled for my post tomorrow. Laziness,Procrastination and lack of internet made me not post it.

Stay tuned, I have loads of surprises coming your way.


Yours Sincerely.