9 Nov 2013


I was jejely scrolling through my twitter timeline some nights ago (those tweeps don’t sleep), when I saw “DON JAZZY AND WANDE COAL ON WAR PATHS”, (see tatafo blo blogs na, the news had spread). As I didn’t want to carry last from the gist, I quickly went to their timelines to see the gist for myself. One party said, “I didn’t steal from you, you want to bring me down.”, the other party was like, “You stole from me, I deserve some credit”. The main gist from the different copy and paste versions, I read was that, someone stole something from someone. Who are we to believe? the oga at the top, or the worker. First, it was Dbanj, now its Wande Coal. I knew something like this would happen, after I heard Wande had his own recording label, but I didn’t know it would turn out this messy. #sigh. 

Imagine spending sleepless nights, stressing out your brain, trying to paint a lovely picture, or write a piece of music, or creating an application, then one day, BAM!, someone steals it, and gets all the  credit, and the money profit, just like that, and you can’t do a thing because the stealer is more opportune than you are. It is frustrating. 
I read a story some time ago about a fellow blogger who loved using pictures she got online in her blog posts (most of us do this), one day, a photographer called to sue for copyright. She had used his picture without giving him credit. The photographer assumed she had money as a blogger, and the lady didn’t have up to the amount he wanted. Lesson learnt, she stopped using pictures she saw online, and started using hers.

Sometimes we steal from people with the mindset that they won’t know even they do they cant catch me, or they can’t do anything, when we are caught, we start blaming the devil. When people work for you, and you don’t give them any credit, as the boss, you take everything, and put on the look, “So what, am I not your oga?” you won’t know how it feels till one day, someone does it to you.

The golden rule says:
Do unto to others, what you want to be done to you.”

If you want to steal someone’s work, feel free, just give the person credit. But bear in mind that, someday somewhere, someone would likewise steal your work.