11 Nov 2013


So I posted just one article in October, thanks to laziness procrastination.  I had two articles written, to post it became a big issue. I kept saying, “I would post it tomorrow”, when tomorrow comes one silly excuse or the other. Finally, the day I wanted to post, I had to travel to Ibadan. When I came back, I met total blackout in my neighborhood. The mechanic to fix the generator had disappeared for one week, my laptop started acting funny (problems from different angles), five days, no light, dead bb phone, no contacts, and internet connection. I survived. I didn’t die like I thought I would. (Although, I sulked all through the five days). Most people, in my case won’t survive. Some might even fall sick.

Have you ever been in a conversation and the person you are talking to is engrossed with his phone that he barely hears what you are saying. All five senses are so engrossed, that you feel like you are talking crap, then shut up and pray the ground opens up and swallow you. These days, we are so glued to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gadgets that we forget life is passing us by. Rather than pay attention to the individual sitting next to us, we pay attention to our gadgets and handhelds. It’s not strange to see someone sitting alone laughing at a joke on his phone that might turn to be funny dry, or smiling sheepishly. Most people tend to communicate better online, than they do offline. They might be funny and lively on twitter, facebook, whatsapp, bbm etc when you now meet them offline, they would be the opposite of what their online personality is. We pay less attention to our immediate environment, we miss important things that we should normally take note of, we might even walk straight into an incoming vehicle or get hit from behind in the process. 

What we fail to realize later is that if we take a break from our gadgets, we tend to achieve more listen more, communicate better and live our 24 hours to its fullest. So, once in a while, try going on a phone fast, maybe for a day or two, and see the results ( I don’t mean when your data plan is expired), and thank me later.

I heard John Legends “All of me”, on radio sometime last week. I fell in love with the song, the line, “Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”, stuck to my brains all week. People need to listen to it, and skip till it gets to that line.  We need to learn to love ourselves, not selfishly though. After all, if you don’t love yourself, who will?

Love God, then yourself, then your neighbors” – Yours Sincerely :D (Me sef get quote *wink*)

PS: I noticed its almost impossible to view my blog on mobile phones, I would have to change the look. Thanks to those that let me know.

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