16 Sep 2013


I get asked a couple of times by people on what I do to keep myself occupied during this ASUU strike. At first I used to say, I work on my project. #projecttinz. I am working on chapter so and so, even though in reality I haven’t touched it for weeks. “When this strike is called off, ehh, we would be really rushed to finish the semester” *thinking out loud*.  Then the ushering job started coming in, I got busy and upgraded to #usheringjobstinz. After a while, they disappeared and I was left with nothing to do. My beloved sister then bought me a book on “How to write better” and a do it yourself writing book “The beginner’s writer’s craft”. I figured, why don’t write my blog posts, based on the drills at the end of each chapter and post them. It seemed like a good idea, until I realized I didn’t just know what to write on for the drill. I started looking for inspiration anywhere, from my outings (which I would be quietly observing people), to TV programs (I would be arguing about, till everyone turned a deaf ear to what I was saying) to whatever random thing I saw or heard #tatafotinz (A babe cannot carry last). When I see one, I quickly scribble like a mad person on my jotter, if I don’t, it would disappear as quickly as it came. I had another conversation, where I replied feeling like a blogger (sorry, no screenshots):


BBM contact: So what are you doing (apparently expecting me to say, I have opened a store at yaba).
Me: I blog *insert bbm large grin smiley*

BBM contact: As in ….
Me: I write online.

BBM contact: Do they pay you, I am interested …ooo
Me : No, I am not payed, I just do it for fun, as a hobby.

BBM contact: Well, done, madam blogger…

In my mind’s eye, I had already conjured up a picture of what the dude was thinking, when he heard, “I am a blogger”.

What my BBM contacts/ others think:
“I am one of those tatafo/amebo bloggers that write about celebrities and disturb people on twitter and facebook, if Davido cough’s or Omotola sneezes”.

What my Dad thinks:
“I spend my time online, facebooking, looking at pictures (when I search for pictures for blog posts), instead of reading”.

What my Mom thinks:
“I spend time making friends and chatting up people (other bloggers), who I have never met in real life. Which she thinks is unsafe”.

What my sisters think:
“I am their writer sister who likes writing essays, and looking up new writing competitions (they think I that’s what I spend all my time doing online). Who loves gisting about blogging like they know the people I am talking about”.

What my other siblings think:
“I am into yahoo yahoo, else why do I spend so much time, composing long articles or writing online to people they don’t know. I am their sister that writes to win essays (no wonder they all hover around me, anytime they see me typing on my laptop)”

What I think:
“I write / blog to improve my writing skills. I write when I am happy, sad, angry or hungry (I only tried it once, d hunger no gree make I write finish)”

What do you think?...*wink*, feel free to use the comment box…
Love ya :D