17 Aug 2013


The month is coming to an end, the year is flying, and ASUU has refused to call of this strike. Not that I am so enthusiastic to resume school its just that this people in the house are taking my presence for granted. *sigh*, what ASUU   has turned us into. If I was in school now they would start begging to see my face.



I looked around for where to seat," Mehn, this BRT queue isn't smiling", I muttered to myself. I had being standing in the queue for close to an hour and it wasn't moving, instead it had formed the letter U, almost ending where it began. The Niger children that usually entertained us every Friday whenever there was a queue, were nowhere to be found, "E be like say Fashola don chase them away",someone commented. Obalende looked neat tonight or maybe it was the weather. "Buy purewater, coke,lacesera, viju milk", Iya Tope screamed. I didn't know her name, but I knew the name of the girl she always called out to whenever she needed change "Tope".

I saw "Mr  Ragamuffin", with his signature dreadlocks, arguing, the day before he kept arguing on how other tribes were involved in developing Lagos. Next to him, stood Miss cutey, she wore an unkept hair, maybe her office was a war zone close to closing hours. You see, if you worked on the Island, Onikan or its environs, you always had to get to Obalende or TBS to make your way to the mainland You could either take the BRT which is cozy during weekdays and horrible on Fridays, or you board the stripped yellow buses that always charged x2 of the tfare they collect in the morning. As long as you took the BRT, every evening after work, you would get used to the faces you see each day in the queue.
One hour, thirty minutes gone, and the queue hadn't moved, Iya Tope kept screaming, and I was tired of waiting in the queue. I finally decided to try one of the small buses going to Oshodi. I knew they would charge #400, after all the pushing and shoving, I finally boarded a bus to Oshodi.

The traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge was something else, perfect for my daily recollection / daydream. Work as a secetary was annoying. (not like I planned it anyway, at least I have a job). Sharon the  HR, and her fling with all the male employees, *sigh*, as old as she was. Sharon was the HR in my office, in her late thirties. She was a silver spoon, bossy, lady, who used bottom power to get the job (rumors have it). I heard  she also sacked the former secetary for being too flashy. (wonders shall never end). With the show she put up today during the departmental meeting today, I am sure all the corpers  at work would run away from her team. We had two new corpers at work, Tamuno and Rapheal. Rapheal looked like the angel I saw in my dream two nights ago. I knew, cos I told that angel to appear in to me in real life.

"Raphael! my Raphael!! angelic face, smile to die  for. Smart fresh boy, those type that are hard to find. Tha'ts how kept thinking of Raphael and dozed off. 


"Everyone has been officially placed into teams, like we discussed on Friday", Sharon announced,  smiling sheepishly at Rapheal. I was silently praying that I would be Rapheal's team, whoever else was a member of my team was none of my business. "Elizabeth, I hope you are taking this notes down, its too early in the week to start sleeping at work", Sharon's voiced roused me from my daydream. "Yes I am", I replied. Finally,the Monday morning meeting (I hate mondays) came to an end. I took a quick peek at the notice board, in the pretense of using the restroom. "GROUP C,  ELIZABETH EJIRO,  RAPHEAL KOLAWALE, SHARON JOSEPH", my heart fell, not Sharon again, being her secetary was enough toture, being on her team was a nightmare. If you can't work with me, who will, I could see her fake smile flash in my thoughts. *Sigh*, after all the prayers at service yesterday, Sharon still added me to her team.


"Madame, we don reach last bus stop oo, you no wan come down again, abi you wan sleep with me for inside my bus", the conductor's rough voice woke me up. "I must have dozed off, sorry",  I apologized, and came down. That was when I realized my stop was two bus stops away.

So much  for daydreaming.