9 Aug 2013


Happy new month everyone. Eid-el-mubaraack (I hope i got that one). Hope u're enjoying the august break / ASUU STRIKE. I attended a program organised by Unilever for university students. Its called the Campus Learning Week. You could visit their facebook page for pictures if you want to. One of the facilitators Mr Dexter Adeola talked on personal branding. His session was funny and interesting, I just had to write a post on it and share with you.

What car brand is your dream car? 

A ford, an 'Evil Spirit', an Infinity, a Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen (they have cool models oo), Range Rover or for the big eyed fellas a Bugatti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc (you could Google up the rest). Your car brand tells a lot about your personal brand. Picture this scenario, two guys and a lady were asked to pick their dream car brand, after picking we got three different car brands: a Range Rover, an Infinity, and a Toyota. What do you think each individual picked, and who do you think picked the Toyota? hehehe, make your guess, don't fail like I did *wink*.

A brand is anything that can wear a clothe. Anything that is unique with the covering it has on. Without the clothe, it looks like every other product or person on the shelve. 

Ask yourself "Am I a brand?". You don't have to necessarily be an artiste, an actress, model, endorsed as a brand ambassador or be a big thing before you become a brand.You might be you, but you might not be a brand. In every class, there are four types of individuals, the popular guys/girls with swags (you can always feel their absence), the cool, calm guys/girls with the "BOSS" look, the quite ones (those you never knew were in the same class as you are), and the ones that always have a confused (i am in the wrong class) look. Your personality is your first shot at branding. You have to go back to your white board and ask,who am I and what do i want. If you chose a Bugatti or a Porsche, you would strive to afford and be associated with things of such quality. Its not greed or ojukokoro, its settling for nothing less than what you dream of. Its your personality. Giving your personality a look, as in packing it makes it your your brand. Merging both together gives you your personal branding. The key to successful personal branding isn't only branding yourself (this isn't revolutionary) it is compensated based on your passion. In order to find your passion, you need to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, have a personal brand statement . 

When you have discovered it, you need to take not of this :

"Your self impression is how people perceive you." ...*am beginning to sound like one of those boring lecturers,well... *

After going through the stress of doing all this, you have market your brand. Yes, market it. Whats the use of having a brand without marketing, whats the use of wearing the super man jersey, when you can save a life, but you don't save anyone,*rolling eyes*. Marketing your brand is perfecting your brand building process. Its convincing the average person to buy you at a ridiculous amount. After all this 'grammer' I have written, if you cant manage your brand ehh,you are in hot pepper soup!!!! *yeah, the type i like* All the personal branding process would be a failure if you do not manage your brand. 

You have to manage your brand ie you. I didn't say market oo, MANAGE!!!. Brand Management and brand marketing are two different things, most people assume they are the same. All these go hand in hand with networking, social media,offline, online, what ever networking you could think of. The final product is you. Your personal brand. 
So to end all these lecture, I am giving you a brand personality challenge *big grin*. Don't run away.You don't need to send me the feedback, send it to the person you see when next you look into the mirror...YOU! Its just for a month or however long you want it. 


Test your value (before the challenge), and after the challenge. If there is an improvement, voila, I made an impression, else you did something wrong. :P
I was given the same challenge, so you are not alone. Felt good to share it.

PS: I am not a boring lecturer, I am actually poor at teaching ...*:D* As for my car brand, its the Porsche, yeah, the one you just saw. No sharing.

Thanks for reading..
Till my next post...