29 Jul 2013


This thing called religion, that has been in existence before I was born, and would still be in existence after I am gone. 

This thing called religion, that acts as a bias and a yardstick for leadership by our leaders.

This thing called religion, that has divided homes, caused enmity between father and son, mother and daughter to the point of the former disowning the latter.

This thing called religion, that has caused wars in history and still causes wars in our present world, with each party in the war trying to prove that he serves the real God,and forcefully trying to convert the other against his will.

This thing called religion, that makes one stick to whatever denomination he was born into, and dare not think about changing it, if he doesn't want to face stigmatization by people he called his loved once.

This thing called religion, causes scientists who do not understand it try to proof that its origin never existed, that the world was made from big bang theory.

This thing called religion, we all use as an excuse for our actions.

Its this thing called religion, that made my cousin call me late last night to say she has left the catholic church. At first, I wanted to reply, "SO??", but then I asked, "why?"Its not like I had problem with it, I just wanted to find out what prompted her, knowing she can take panadol extra for the church. She tells me that a lady that she knows, died and went to heaven,and woke up (resurrected) *use any word you prefer*, and said that God told her that the catholic church is not just it (if you get what I mean). Its not like I doubt the authenticity of that story, but the way other denominations attack this church is what baffles me. What they fail to understand is that the race for this heaven we are all talking about, is not about what religion you were in, or what church you attend, or which pastor you prefer listening to his sermon, or whether you were Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or a traditionalist?. 

I am not so vested in it, but I believe no one should try to rub his religion into another's face,or use it as an excuse to enforce a law on another fellow. I remember listening to a radio program some days back, and a man called in and was like his kids dare not switch to another religion while he is still alive, and while they live under his roof, and rely on him for their sustenance. He was so serious about it that the on air personality had to clam him down, after all it was just a radio program. I read a story about a girl who switched religions completely, making her dad to threaten her. You could read it here. I feel, this thing called religion should be a personal way of life, and not something we try to force down other peoples throat. Its better to live right according to your religious beliefs, and find out  in the after life, that God exists, rather than live wrong and find out he does.

A famous saint I know of once said, "Its better I live right and find out that God doesn't exist after I am dead, than live wrongly and find out that he does."

This thing called religion is much more complicated that it looks,or sounds.

Have a blessed week.