15 Jul 2013


Hello people, its been a while. I have been busy with final year project  and all, I havent been able to publish all the  post I have saved. All I need to do is push the auto publish button. :D. You would be seeing more of me so stay tuned.

I caught up with Abraham Okhira (Quest)for an interview. An upcoming act from the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. For those that missed it, his Olu'orun single is currently receiving massive airplay, and a perfect song to make you  smile :D. He talks about himself, his music, and his single status.

1.  ME: We would like you to introduce yourself, your educational background ?
    QUEST: I am Abraham Okhira Usigbe by name. I had my primary school education in Lagos State,and my secondary school education in Oyo State. I had my tertiary education in the University of Ibadan, where I studied statistics.

2. ME: How did you come about the name "Quest", any special memories behind the name?
   QUEST: *smiles* It was easy. I knew as an artist, your name plays a big role in your identity. I thought about what was in the industry (music),and what it would need in years to come. I came up with "QUEST". It means searching for something you have in mind.

3. ME: What genre / kind of music do you sing ?
   QUEST:  Basically R n B,Hip Hop.

4. ME: What audience do you have in mind when you sing, is it the youth, the elderly, ladies, romantics or everyone ?
QUEST: Basically my music is for everyone.Lovers of good music, people who love to dance. You just have to dance to the rhythm. 

5. ME: What do you do aside singing / music ?
QUEST: *laughs* i am a professional dancer and I model. I do entertainment basically.

6. ME: Wow, you have a lot going  for you, so how do you combine music and dancing together?
QUEST:  Its easy because you cannot dance without music, and you can blend in dance to good music.Its blending the two talents to serve the fans better.

7. ME: As an upcoming artist and performer, how would you say the journey has been so far?
QUEST: Difficult, Interesting, sometimes depressing. You just have to keep your goal in focus. Know  where you are coming from and where you are going to, then it becomes easier. To me, its been great, with mixed feelings.

8. ME: Where do you see yourself in the next five years, maybe the next Psquare or even better?
QUEST: *thinking*...By then Psquare would have dropped music hopefully, and Quest would be the next big thing. *laughs*

9. ME: What remarkable contribution would you have made to the music industry by then?
QUEST: I want to make my fans not feel the absence of Psquare by then (laughs). I would be one of the best exports in  music from Africa. By God's grace.

10. ME: Have you always wanted to go into music, or did you just go into it because its a booming industry and everyone else is doing music?
QUEST:  (laughs), every artist  will say they started music right from the womb. Its cool, I started officially, when I was 15, while I was part of the kids choir. Since, then its been, music, and dance and no turning back.

11. ME: When you decided to go into music, where your parents in support of it or were they against it? 
QUEST: At first, my MOM wasn't in support of my music,but my DAD was in support. Like all parents, they wanted to have a scholar as a son. Presently, they are my number one fans. 

12. ME: So when are we expecting the music video for "OLU'ORUN" and another single?
QUEST: Very soon by God's grace, Later in the year.

13.  ME: Is there someone in your life, or are you single?, we would like to know, spill the beans
QUEST: (Laughs), this is the part where nobody believes me.. hmmm...I am single really..

14. ME: Hmm, a final word for your fans reading this?
QUEST:  Special love to my MOM and DAD.To my fans, you are the best, I love you all. 

 Till I come your way next time au revoir

Yours_Sincerely :D