29 May 2013


Hihi, its good to be back isn't it. Its been long since I logged into blogger. I logged in yesterday, only to find out all my blog feeds I subscribed to via blogger has been cleared. I dunno what it was but it came back right on after a day. Dunno, what caused it, but hey it feels good to lie on my bed, reading posts from my favorite bloggers and stalking *wink*.


Have you ever stalked someone or have you ever being stalked? You don't need to deny  doing either, you know the guilty ones are quite defensive, hehehe. Stalking isn't bad, there is the good stalking and the bad stalking. The definitions I saw online and the videos I watched on YouTube ehh all define the bad stalking, biko,*clears throat*, so today I am stalking people that are popular in school, but I don't  know facially, yeah, my joblessness isnt that bad, but as there is nothing to do today being democracy day, I might just indulge in a few hours of guilty stalking. 

I google people I meet for the first time up like crazy, on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (whatever social network sites I am registered on).  A friend of mine once asked me to go into spying as a profession (the SSS won't be bad you know). You cant introduce yourself to me today,and I don't search for you online the next minute. Sometimes you have to sure the person is real, a girl has to play safe at times.*wink*.
Back to the gist, So I met this brother of a friend of mine, (dude is cute) *wink*. After all the introduction, and the exchange of numbers, yours sincerely had to google the dude straight up. lol, I even had to ask a friend of mine that goes to the school he graduated from, to give me background info on the dude.(Yeah, it was that bad). Anyways mine is the good stalking :D, not the bad one. I remember a dude I met some years back that stalked me for 3 years, it got frustrating as I wished I could just wish him away. (as in the dude knew my daily schedule back then).

Stalking isn't bad if you are stalking the right people, like your mentors, people you admire and respect, or people who do things for a difference that make makes you proud of them , they could be male or female and its not gay trust me. I stalk my mentors wella, I mention them on twitter and send them messages on  Facebook. Sometimes i am fortunate to get a dm or a reply, sometimes I am not. But that doesn't damp my spirits jare, it keeps pushing me the more. At least they would know they are impacting on a someones life.  So I saw this online,and thought  I might share this:

Here are 5 signs you are a stalker:

1. You are the first to send a Facebook request, and added half of the person's Facebook friends.
2. You go through the person's profile, albums,save a few pictures,and even wait till the person is online to chat.
3. You are following the person on twitter and instagram. You reply / re tweet every tweet from the person, and keep mentioning the person.
4. You steal the person's phone number /pin from your friend, and add him / her on BBM, WHATSAPP.
5. You  dig up background info, and know the latest gist  about the person, you then play the know it all game when you meet the person finally. (You are worse than a jealous girlfriend).

Never forget the number 1 rule of stalking:

*Thou shalt not been seen nor caught in the act*. *wink*

Happy Democracy day people...