9 Jan 2013


I saw this on facebook, and couldn't help stealing it, with the intention on building a post on it.. Please read and enjoy :D

To the management of the University of Ibadan!

My name is Seun Ijeoma Fatai and I'm a Nigerian woman. When I was 10 my parents sent me to a boarding school to do my secondary education. There I learnt to keep my belongings in order, be neatly dressed and keep my head high among my mates. I spent minimum of 9 months in a year in school. Each time I got home my mother wouldn't let me light the gas cooker because I was small and couldn't handle it. So, all I did in the kitchen was to wash the dishes after each meal and very few times did the
blending of the ingredients to help mum out.
I clocked 16 on 28th August, 2011 and my birthday gift was my Admission letter from the University of Ibadan. The day I left home my mother told me, "My daughter go to school and build yourself; read, keep away from mischievous boys and of course master your cooking skill so that you will be a woman capable of keeping a home. Go my daughter and represent the totality of a woman".

Now, I've barely spent one year in the University of Ibadan and I've been asked to stop cooking. 
Ha! What do they want to make of me? My mother always said, "An educated man who doesn't feed well have defeated the aim of his education". When will I perfect my cooking? Where do I go to learn the varieties of meals and their making? I have 6 years to spend in U.I as a veterinary student, I will be 24 when I graduate, serve my country and come out 25 years! Dear readers, I will be so ripe for marriage by then!!! When do I learn to cook when I'm tired? So I can still make food for my husband and children even when I come home tired from work. I've heard stories of men who eat outside (cafeteria) and end up with the waiter as a second wife. I NEVER WANT TO BE A FIRST WIFE, I WANT TO BE THE ONLY WIFE!!! When I look at some ladies who are happy that cooking is barned
simply because their boyfriends will pay all their bills, I see what my University is turning my country into. I see a situation were we give white man the job to do and pay through our noses because we are too lazy to do the job ourselves. The reason there is a woman behind every successful man is that He does the thinking and he is so sure we will do the cooking. I want to place a meal on the table and watch him eat it with a smile of relief knowing that I made the food. But this my dream can't be achieved if I don't learn to cook now. :(.
I don't know all the details of the problem but I know there is a way to go round it.. Asking me not to cook is depriving me of my womanhood!!! I've got tears in my eyes but I know the good I want and I don't want to compromise that. I want to use my kerosene stove in the kitchenette... Can somebody
tell me how that affects the university?

My name is Seun Ijeoma Fatai, and I'm a Nigerian woman!

Lovely piece by Seun Ijeoma. That is the situation on ground in the prestigious "FIRST and the BEST". I don't have a problem with the ban (I could survive on junks),and I do have a problem with the ban (I can't be eating junks, or eating out, for a whole session), as a student, my pocket has its limits.
It would be selfish thinking about only myself, there are lots of students in school who do not and cannot eat out. There are some who wouldn't be able to afford the proposed "150 per meal", three consecutive times a day. From the information I got this yesterday evening, they resolved to allow cooking with only stoves and camp gases (no hot plates) be allowed in the kitchenette. (That empty room, with cupboards, and a smelling sink close to the toilet). Its worse, but half bread is better than none.

PS: For peeps suggesting protestin, please let me graduate first, then you can protest. The labour market  isn't  smiling at federal school graduates, and its grinning at graduates from private schools.

Till i write another blogpost,