4 Dec 2012


Happy new month people!!!! *dancing*. It's the most colourful month of the year, where you see red, white and green colours, with lots of goodies. I love this month, always reminds me, there is a whole new year out there waiting for you to grip it by the horns.


*clears the cobweb in the room*. X_X...I know you weren't expecting me soon. I even thought I had closed down too. Anyways, I am back, not fully tho, I might stroll in and stroll out occassionally.
How is has your year been so far? To all those that made new year resolutions for the year 2012, how did it go?...well mine went as usual, after week 2, its back to square one...
As for next year, don't ask me about NYR(new year resolutions), cos i am sure i would have none, i might just have a few goals carried over for the year 2013 :D.

So back to my post, there was this group chat I had with my course mates (I swear, those guys are a funny bunch, they had me laughing all through), and this story came up. We criticized the girl, but then I felt she shouldn't take all the blame, as there were other parties involved. I have decided to throw it open, lets see who you stand with. Please feel free to comment :D

My name is Kamsi. I had this boyfriend back then in school. His name was George. George and I were a really cute couple. We won all the best couple awards there was to win.You never saw us without each other. We were like Siamese twins. We were in love, or maybe I was the only one in love.
You see, there are responsibilities both parties in a relationship have to consent to as adults, while dating. As much as I loved George, I wasn't ready for sex, so I begged him to understand, and asked to take things slow. George wasn't ready to listen, he always brought up the issue, and this always caused a fight between us. I loved George and wasn't ready to lose him. I could count a thousand and one girls ready to pounce on him if I made a wrong move. After much thought, I finally did what I had to do.

Chinenye was a good friend of mine. One who could keep a secret. I talked to her about George, and she advised I could hire a girl for George, who he would be *doing it* with. In her words, "Kamsi, I don't know why you are dulling yourself, if George wants it, and you refuse to give it to him, he would go looking elsewhere and then you would accuse him of being unfaithful. Since you are scared of him cheating, you could hire a babe to do it for you, while you watch. If the girl tries to do shady business behind you, just treat her fuck up". "Nenye you have got to be kidding me", I replied." Every girl would jump at the opportunity, besides I don't trust anyone to do it. Would you do it for me?, at least i trust you as a sister, am sure you could keep it a secret", I pleaded. After much cajoling and begging, Nenye agreed to do it for friends sake. The deal was settled. Nenye and George would do their thing in the room, while I stayed in the sitting room timing them while watching a movie.

With the noise they always made, I felt George was out to spite me. We still were a couple. Nenye and George still did it, while I timed them. Things became rocky. George started accusing me of being unfaithful (*rme*, seriously, dat dude is crazy). I was an extrovert and had so many male friends, i guess he was jealous cos I had more male friends than females. The females I had were based on trust. One thing led to another, from being a couple, we became two distant people in a relationship, waiting for the other to call it quits. I had my fill and took the front door the day George humiliated me in front of Nenye, after we had a quarrel. I called it quits and left.

Looking back, I wonder if what I did was wrong, after all I was in love and wanted  to save my relationship...

*whew* that was a long story. My people na so e take happen, no say na me tell you.
Was she wrong or right?, after all she did it for love....

Tilll my next post...xoxo