12 Sep 2012


Hi everyone. Thanks for you all that checked up on me. "2 months and no blogging", talking to myself, "what was it I filled as my resolution for the last quarter of the year again?", checking my monthly planner, "write a post on my blog, once a week, every month". *rme*, I really wanted to  write a post, but I have been running helter skelter for my Industrial Training Attachment. Its been way too stressful, and to say I was on my own through out. Which brings me to my topic of discussion, is the Industrial Training / Internship programme all about the money, the experience or the connection?

You know, there are jobs out there(qualified HR personnels would argue this out with you) and there are no jobs out there (as some people would argue too). If you get an opportunity to intern with a mutlinational company,get a good pay and make connections, even though you would be doing something totally out of your field or intern with a small unknown company, gain experience, don't get paid or paid peanuts, and have little or no connections, which would you choose? If you have ever interned in your life or you intend to intern, I would like you to drop a comment on this topic.


I promised to come up with an intern diary, but that hasn't been easy (I promise to come up with something more interesting, stay tuned :)). Before I got somewhere to intern, it was like hell. I was thinking, if it is this stressful to get an internship placement, job seeking would be a nightmare. You see, as a student and a potential intern, I was told your CV  has to be simple, you don't need to fill in all your acheivements. But from looking through CV's at my work place(I do these when I am less busy), dear readers, I learned you have to fill in every skill and achievement you have." If you don't blow your whistle no one would know how loud and useful it is and blow it for you". It also has to be in line with the intern programme you are searching for. I could go on and on, but that is a whole package, so stay tuned to my blog and expect surprises. :D

Back to where I was. During those long trips from one company on the island to another company on the mainland, all those calls, the dissapointments, the sudden love for inspirational books(the bible became my paddy), with all the fasting and praying. Then voila, two opportunities come, a small two room company and a multinational company. This got me thinking about the title of my post. I was a couple of weeks late, and one of the offers came with connections and a good pay, the other came with experience, little connections, and little or no pay. 

You might say as a individual its not all about the money, but the experience and adding colors to your CV, or you might say otherwise. So I asked around. I asked friends, family and aquintances. I got different opinions. Some said its the connection that matters, others said the pay and connections, while others said the experience and the knowledge.

Dear readers what do you say?
If you have ever worked as an intern, or are a potential intern then this post is for you. Drop your comments and opinions, you could help a confused brother :D.

PS: This post was written in a bus on my way back from work.(Its difficult typing with a phone, the words just keep rushing in, sometimes I have to pause and jot them down so I don't lose them).

XOXO...Be Good anyway
TILL I DROP ANOTHER POST, ITS ....Yours_Sincerely :D