31 Jul 2012


They say money is the root of all evil, but I beg to disagree. According to a book I read by …..(i have forgotten the title and author, and the book has all of a sudden disappeared from my shelf), Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. Yep, the verb 'love', not the noun 'money'.
Everybody loves money, it depends on the degree of the love, and what it is used for. No, don’t look at me and say you don’t, you do. The fact that you pray to God  for a miracle when you are broke and you need it badly, or you pray to God to take care of your earthly needs, and you live with that carefree attitude towards it doesn't mean you don’t love money, you actually do, but in a spiritual form. 
The fact that you also run a company to make profits, or get a job to earn money to take care of yourself, means you love money but in a business form. 
The fact that you sought for funds to serve as a means to help the less privileged/ needy or to impact on the society through a social responsibility means you do love money but in humanitarian form. 
The fact that you love money or the you love when there is money in circulation i.e. you always have some spare cash in hand (I fall into that category) means you are the logical money lover, and lastly the fact that you love money because you are a spend thrift, yeah you love to spend means …well I don’t know what category to place you in.
So when I keep hearing that line “Igbo girls love money”, every time I introduce myself as an Igbo girl, I ask back “Who doesn't?” We all do. When you reach a conclusion based on the hypothesis you keep hearing from people’s opinions, or you take a very tiny sample, let me say NKECHI, ADAORA, IHUOMA and LOTENNA, and they end up loving your money, then you reach a conclusion that, "All Igbo girls love money".  From the logical point of view, you are saying that:

All Igbo girls love money. This implies that, every girl that loves money must be Igbo.

My dear that statement is wrong, from the real world scenario, it’s very wrong. I have met (even though I am not much of an outing person, I love the comfort of my room) Yoruba girls, girls of other tribes who love money, so don’t narrow your sampling to just Igbo girls and draw up that conclusion.
“Igbo’s love money”, I beg let me hear word. So you want to tell me that if I offer you a million dollars for free with no strings attached, you wouldn’t accept it and go rushing to the bank to deposit it, before going to the church to thank God. Everyone loves money, the Igbos are more business inclined, they look for ways to make money from everything they meet from sun rise to sun down (even though there are dishonest ones amongst us). Even the aboki or okada man look for ways to earn money and make a profit from what he does.

To love money is good, at least it would keep you going in your daily endeavours but to make it a god in your life, that’s where the problem sets in. 
Dear readers, lets not jump to the conclusion that every girl you meet, who loves money is Igbo, or rush into the conclusion that every Igbo girl you meet must love money.

IT starts in a couple of days, stay tuned for my IT diary, I haven't got any emails from my last post. People be nice enough to send me suggestions, pleeeeaaaassseee *puppy eyes*.

Till I come your way next time, 
Be good to everyone around you, and smile always.