21 May 2012


HELLO EVERYONE, it's VEE, and I am back again. I am sure you all missed me, I am missed you too *hugs*. A big thank you to Toinlicious for checking up on me, that was sweet of you. I was in the state of anti blogging stupor, you know that state of TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG. I overcame that evil force and I am blogging. I have loads of gist of to tell you all, from my experience during the 4 weeks BREAK called SUSPENSION. Please, don't mind the other sad posts I have been writing, sometimes I just fill like letting you all share my thoughts, and you guys are so sweet to give me the backup I need *muah*. Love you all.  I am in a cybercafe blogging, my sorry ass modem is faulty, I don't know what it's problem is. I miss it.

Back to my post, we are in the 21st century and women nowadays refer to themselves as the MODERN DAY women . They are the human right activities, your MEAN / STRICT boss in the office.You know, they just want their voices to be heard and sometimes they miss out on all those things our mothers and grandmothers enjoyed even though they are to proud to admit it. I compiled a list of their characteristics for you all to read. They might be all right or not.
She doesn't want to be dependent on her husband, she struggles to make her money and be independent.
She fights for her right and wants her voice to be heard (the freedom and human rights activists).
She is your boss the strict one who doesn't take NO for an answer.
She is so career overwhelmed that she forgets her role as a wife and a mother.

She wants a faithful gentle man who would love her, treat her like a lady, adore her, support her and be a more than a friend to her, but unfortunately she has given up on the perfect gentleman and makes do with what she has.
She keeps wondering why the GOOD MEN are either TAKEN or  GAY, the ones she has had, cheat on her knowingly.
She wants to get married early and have kids before time and people start telling on her.
She wants to be a good mom to her kids but she is overwhelmed with the responsibilities she has at the workplace.
She wants to have kids but she is cared of labour pains, baby fat and losing her shape.
She wants respect from her male counter parts and feel that what a man can do, a woman can do better.
On cold nights, she longs for strong arms to hold her close, pamper her like a kid and give her good TENDER LOVING CARE (TLC) *wink*.
She thinks submitting to her husband is a thing of the past and files for a divorce if she is cheated on.
 She refuses to be addressed as the weaker sex, NO I am not weak she says and can give you a thousand reasons why she is not.
And the list goes on and on,please feel free to add yours while commenting. While we keep struggling to be heard, Lets not forget our roles as mothers and peace makers.

In the mean time my BIRTHDAY is on  the 27th of MAY. Don't mind me for telling you all late, My wish list is coming up in my next post, get ready for it.

PS:  I accept gifts a day, week, or a month after. You just have to be sweet to a sister and get me some gifts ooo.
Yeeeeaaaahh, my friend is getting married on the 9th of JUNE, wishing her a happy married life, and guess what, I AM ON HER BRIDAL TRAIN. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her to ask, at least I know the bride but not the groom. I know they would be a cute couple, and no overeating this time, I have to be TUSH you know, since I am on the bridal train, you never can tell who I might meet *wink*.

And to BBA, someone please tell PREZZO, DKB, MAMPI and MANETTA they are gossips.
I am just happy that ZAINAB is there to show them pepper, I want PREZZO and MAMPI to leave UPVILLE and BBA. As for GOLDIE, I wonder why she keeps cooking and cleaning up everytime, even if she loves cooking, anyway its still WEEK 3 , She would soon break down her pretence and we would know her game plan as time goes on.

*Sobbing* My 4 weeks SUSPENSION called BREAK is about to end, I feel so sad, lectures and exams hanging on my neck.