17 Feb 2012


Hope you have been good. I was. How was your valentines day celebration, did you share it with people, or did you spend it with one special person? Either way I hope you shared the love around you. To my post for today, I was stuck for what to write and decided to write a story. The other articles I tried writing got stuck in my brain halfway through. I would complete them hopefully.

Here we go:

I saw him again with her, she was pretty and well shaped unlike I was. I always wished I was that pretty, but like Kaffy (my sister-in-law) always told me, "Be contented with what you have." I was contented with my figure. I had a long day at work, and the last person I wanted to see was him. His name is Patrick. I have had a long crush on him, but I was too proud to admit it. Not that I cared much, but somehow it hurts when you keeping looking and you hope nobody gets you staring. I got my cup of coffee and got back to work, I didn't want to close for work late. "Mirabel", I heard my name as I walked down to my cubicle, I turned back wondering who was calling. It was him. "Mirabel I am sorry to disturb you, but could you help me with the review of the analysis, I am done with it, but I would like you to review it  since you are good in spotting out those tiny loopholes."he said. "And where are you off to, we have to review it together I wouldn't be the only one working on it, we need to do it together as I have other things doing. " I said, turning and walking briskly, I didn't want him to see the emotions on my face. "Daniella, is going back to the States. I need to drop her off at the airport, as her flight is for twelve. I would be back early to join you with the review. Please, do it for me, just this once." Patrick pleaded. He looked good in his blue shirts, and nude coloured trousers. Patrick wasn't drop dead gorgeous like my Ex Femi, or cute like Dozie. But he was good looking at least, a good dresser and smart. I was a sucker for those three qualities. "OK, I would help you. Just  be quick, I wouldn't do all the work by myself ", I said. "Thanks, you are God sent ", he replied and ran off.

"So Daniella is her name, I wonder what sort magic she has on him.", I said, testing the new dress Moji bought for me. I was talking to my housemate and best friend, MOJISOLA. "Obviously, the one you refused to bewitch him with.", Moji replied. "Moji, that was rude." I said to her as I looked at her from the mirror. I knew she wasn't going to apologize. Moji was tired of my after work tales of Patrick. "Mirabel, when he asked you  out on a date a year ago. You refused, giving lame excuses. Everyone knew you both would make a cute couple, but you based your judgements on looks and appearance. Now he has someone else, you feel bad for rejecting his offer . Listen, he has moved on. He no longer has a crush on you. He has got someone who wouldn't judge him based on his pocket and looks. So forget about him, don't come telling me stories about him, cause I wouldn't listen." Moji said . I took a deep breathe. I knew she was telling the truth.


 I could remember what Femi my ex  told my the night we broke up. "You are just a confused woman, Mirabel. You do not know what you want in a man"

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