27 Jan 2012


HI, EVERYBODY, I havent been on my blog for sometime, been busy, found something to do, thanks to ASUU STRIKE. Yep, I got my christmas wishes, thanks to God and my Mom who stumbled on my post. I can't believe I stayed 3 months + with a good as dead laptop. The situation was critical. I have been having problems waking up when my alarm rings by 4:30am, I dont even hear it one bit, and my mom calls me lazy when I wake up by 6 am. Too bad.

To the title of my post. I decided to write this post after a read a chapter of a book on women friendships.( I have so many that I read a chapter from et ach  every week). The friends you have when you were a kid are the ones you are meant to keep dearly to mind. That is what my Mom tells me whenever I make a complaint about a friend of mine. Whenever she tells me that, I counter her opinion by telling her that those friends were made when I was a kid that then I didn't understand the human mind. But maybe, somehow my Mom is right. Yep, she is. Those friends were made with a clean mind, clear conscience and the innocence of a little dove and are the ones who might help you later in life.


Then it dawned on me. Those friends of yesteryears have moved on. Their lives no longer revolve around you. They are busy and call you on occasions (if they do have your number), with the advent of social networks it becomes easier. They just ping, tweet or facebook at you. You make friends every moment you live your home and you strive to keep them withe every breathe you take. At the end of the day, they either betray, backbite or badmouth, if you are fortunate to have the God fearing ones then you are so damn lucky.

I once had a friend who I liked to a fault.Whenever I call she never picks. I tell her stuffs but she never told me. It wasn't a trust issue because I trusted her like I do to my sis. One day, I heard stuff I told her from anothers mouth To cut the long story short,I asked her why she told on me, and the chick told me, "You are not my best-friend, and you never asked me to keep it secret. Did you?". I was dumbfounded, with my lower lip in south pole  and my upper lip in north pole. I later forgave the girl and forgot about it, but not after thinking about what the chick said.


You have people you introduce to others as your "FRIEND", but have you taken time to ask them "WHAT ARE WE?". If you haven't then you need to, you might be shocked at their response, which might not necessarily literally, but physical or logical.

I had a really frustrating day, I needed a reference letter from someone, but she didn't reply me till today, when the stuff I was applying for was going to end. Then she sent me a mail that she couldn't open it, and so she couldn't send the letter. Damn, time had gone and I was 2hrs behind submission. I was mad and had to submit the form, without a reference. I am just going to say a prayer and hope they get back to me.