1 Dec 2011



      "I would never forget you OMOH", I said as I left the hospital that friday. I was in a hurry, I had a 2.00pm flight to Amsterdamm to catch. so I could'nt wait for the Doctor's report, but I called my Mom to keep me updated on her health 
 .    Omoh was my cousin. She came to liive with us when I was in Primary 3. As was with us, we left all the house chores for her, she became our unofficial househelp. Everyday , I watched my Mom spank Omoh for stuffs she did, and those we were responsible for, but Omoh took all in good  faith, she never uttered a word in disrespect at least not to our hearing.  Years went by, we couldnt do any house chore, my Mom had to change her policy, Omoh stopped doing all the house chores, because neighbours were talking, and we were beccoming rude to my Mom everyday. Omoh grew to dislike us, even if she never showed it, she always had this pleasant look any time she was around us, but my Mom always said Omoh never liked us. My Mom noticed this all along and warned us never to trust her, but I never believed my Mom. I thought she was taking issues with Omoh too far. I trusted Omoh with my last breathe , even when my family warned me, I cared less. This became my undoing.
       I was in my final year when Omoh gained admission into my school. I showed her off to my friends and foes as I always did to my friends and family when they came around.Omoh was an epitom of beauty, She was a black beauty and was well endowed unlike me.My close friend Tamuno, never liked Omoh from the first day I introduced her to Omoh. She told me,"Bilikisu be careful with this cousin of yours, she does'nt look trustworthy, not that I am in support with your Mom about Omoh, but I just don't trust her." I refused to listen to Tamuno, I told her "Tamuno, you just jumped into conclusions. Get to know Omoh first, besides,I don't trust this your first meeting interpretations of people, especially not with Omoh  " I know Tamuno felt hurt, but I cared less.Maybe, if I had listened to everyone's advice  what happened to me would'nt have happened.
     I met Fred in my 200 level, I never wanted to date him, but one thing led to another and we ended up insperable. My friends envied us and we won the best couple on campus. Ours was a love made in heaven. When I look back, I always wondered what made me so into Fred. Maybe becos he was smart(he gave me a run for my money with his brilliance), a good dresser, jovial, God fearing, to mention but a few.. My greatest undoing was introducing Omoh to Fred. I remeber that sunny afternoon, I and Fred were walking back from an eatery, he was talking about his project, and I was listening like a good student.My phone beeped, it was Omoh, I quickly answered it wondering why she was calling. It happened that she had an accident. So we got a cab and went to see her at the school clinic, it was minor but she was going to be on admission for 2 weeks. Being a good samaritan, I took care of her and begged Fred to give me a hand to make sure she gets better. Fred refused, but later agreed grudgingly, he was a sweetheart.
       I soon noticed funny behaviors whenever Omoh was with me.She was always Fred did this, Fred did that, I thought she had joined the Fred fans and ignored her anytime she mentioned his name. But Tamuno didn't, she called me aside one day, and told me,"Bili I smell something fishy with Omoh and this questions she has been asking about Fred". I ignored her, cos I wasnt ready  for her insinuations, I was in bad mood. Soon I noticed the same behavior in fred, but he always gave the excuses of preparing his project, like he was the only one  who was writign his projects. One thing led too another and we broke up, I dont know why, but  I felt heartbroken when I found out that Fred broke up with me because of Omoh. This happened after we graduated, I left the country because I couldnt live under the same roof with Omoh. I didnt attend their wedding two years later, but i had to rush back when my Mom called me that Omoh was dying and needed to see me. I refused flatly, my Mom told me to calm down and grant a dying woman her last wish.
           :Bilikisu, please forgive for the hurt I caused you, I know you would find it hard to forgive me for what I did to you ,then, but I did it to hurt you, because I hated you and your family, for how you treated me. I found solace in Fred when I told him all, and he refused to be associated with you, I also made Fred break up with you, cause i didnt want you to have him.He was too good to be true".Omoh said, weakly. I wanted to leave but, Fred begged me to forgive he and his wife. I forgave her but promised not to forget them both for the trauma and pain they caused me.
         Omoh died 2 days later after I returned, but I didnt go for her burial, I may have forgiven her, but I have not forgotten her.